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Petts Wood Play Group (Petts Wood - Orpington - Kent) a Voluntary Run Group

For Children with Special Needs

Registered Charity No 803792


The Rebel Vanners will raise monies for the above Charity, if you would like to donate funds, please do so by sending us an email and we will explain how and what you need to do next.



What's it For Then ?

This year we are going to raise as much money as we can, because the Play Group desperately NEED one of them paddle things, a Defibrilator,  and we have been told, they cost Thousands of Pounds, So The Rebels need to raise, sorry Are Gonna raise, as much money as we can from NOW, until the evening of the Christmas Meal in December 2012.

Total Money raised to date 

Date - 29th January



                  Petts Wood Play Group (Petts Wood Orpington Kent) a Voluntary Run Group

For Children with Special Needs

Registered Charity No 803792


At the August Show our Club Secretaries grand daughter 'Holly' wanted to do something to help out so she asked granddad and other Rebels to put a little tent for her, so that she would be able to sell loads of stuff, toys, bits and pieces. Over the weekend Holly and The Rebels managed to raise 311.30 and added to that, 300 was donated by a close friend of a Rebel member, making a grand total raised of 611.30  well done to all, the cheque will be handed over to the Petts Wood Play Group early part of 2012, those that can attend the hand over will, due to other commitments.


We have received a thank you letter from the Play Group letting us know that they are planning to spend the monies on New Computer Games and Equipment, that they know the children will enjoy immensely


In 2012, The Rebels will be donating more raised fund's to this well deserved Voluntary run

Play Group for Children with Special Needs





Despite the wins and rain at the NSVA Nationals at Billing Aquadrome on 11th 12th & 13th August 2006, The Bitches and Rebel Vanners put up a Marquee and set it out with things to raise money for Demelza House Children's Hospice in Sittingbourne in Kent.

We raffled a large Teddy Bear and a Blow up remote controlled butler, there were porcelain dolls also for sale, we had a guess the dolls name competition, colouring competition and a treasure hunt for the children and various other bits and pieces.

The stand also had money donations from people, attending the show and the stall holder also donated money and gifts for sale. our grand total raised was 366.05 plus charity collection boxes that would be opened at Demelza House and the receipt given to us on the amount in the boxes.

A big Cheque would be handed over to Demelza House on Saturday 23rd September, and as many members that could would attend the event