Loading your vehicle the correct way

Please don't laugh to much



                                                                 My Brakes ain't working Pedro,  Helllooooo, Oi                                              'Moooooooove Over'



                                  'I really hate this shoe box car'                                                                   'Quick, Quick I'm gona do it stop, stop, it's coming




                               Pete, That Policeman's looking at me                                                                     I think we overdid it with that one dear



              NO, we are not stopping to buy more Fruit Darling, I don't care if its good for me                                  I wish I never sold my Day Van



                                         These Ribs are gona taste mighty fine                                       I think he's got the Hump about riding in the back                                     



 Hey, Bill I think we got a flat tyre mate



                       Come on Boys, Put your back into it                                                       Ok Mate, how we going to get them off at the other end


Ok, where did the Cow come from




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