Rebel Vanners Waistcoat



Back when it all began in 2000, this big Norwegian guy ‘Smilie’ was wearing his club jacket, you

 guessed it, it was a black leather waistcoat, and had all the patches and colours on it, this is how

 the Rebel Vanners are recognised in Norway and surrounding countries.

The issue that we had in the United Kingdom, as well as most of the known world is that people

associate motorcycle clubs or MC’s as they are more commonly known, with the black leather

waistcoat with patches and pins stuck all over them.

Alan and Animal had a very long conversation on this very subject over many weeks, because if

they formed a UK section or department of the Rebel Vanners, being seen wearing a leather

jacket with club colours on them, would be seen by other MC  clubs as a rival, and potentially

cause lots of problems.

SO, it was decided to go about this issue in the Rebel family way, as we had many years of

friendships and acquaintances with members and associates of MC clubs around the UK, Alan

got on the phone and started to arrange some informal meetings, to ask if there would be any

issues with the Rebel Vanners being formed in the UK.

After several meetings, and some ground rules being laid down from the major MC club in the

UK, the club rebel jacket and colours were up and running, some of the rules discussed were as

follows: absolutely NO top patch, that is the patch that would lay over the top of your shoulders,

only United Kingdom as a bottom patch could be used, as England was not permitted, this was

understandable and excepted, because we are a Van Club so VC, would be used to identify the

Rebel Vanners as a Van Club and nothing to do with motorcycle clubs, last but not least the final

rule forthe Rebel Vanners, and this will be adhered to at all times, the Rebel jacket or colours if

you want to call them, will NOT be worn whilst riding on a motorcycle, not even on private

grounds, this is the rule and that’s the end of it.

The Black Rebel Waistcoat or Jacket sets the Rebels apart from any other Custom Van Club in the

world, every time we need to start a new department in another country or land, the first thing we

do is make an appointment with the local MC club’s, then face to face explain to them what we

are, and what our rules and commitment to Vanning and the family is, also to ask them if they

have any issues with the Club Colours,  you will see from the French jacket the bottom back

patch, is oblong not like the rest of the departments being an upward arc, this is because the

French MC club had some issues with the arc design, so we amended the French jacket to

accommodate the French MC’s concerns.

So now you see the effort and commitment we have gone through to get where we are today, to

make the Rebel Vanners Custom Club, the only patch wearing Van Club, with good links and

understanding and most of all friendships, in a hobby and past time that most petrol heads

believe in, because we are a ‘Rebel Family’ our children will continue the Rebel seed, eventually

making the Rebel Vanners the biggest Van club in the world, well that’s just my thoughts.

Now  what do those Club patches mean to a Rebel, the big Rebel Vanners patch on the back, this

is the Rebel Family, a group of friends, it’s a belonging, it’s a thought of help when you need it, a

Brother or Sister to call on in times of need, it shows that as a Rebel you’re not alone, there is

someone you can call on. the Bottom back patch or arc, depicts the close family that you belong

to, but you are a Rebel none the less, the VC patch is just to let others know that you are part of a

VAN club NOT a Car or Motorcycle Club, there are many car clubs around but not many van

clubs, the Rebels with their jackets make and entrance and a presents wherever they go, others

look at the Jacket first then the person, the see REBEL VANNERS.


Now you understand why the Rebel Jacket is worn with a lot of pride by it’s members, as they are

all committed to making the Rebel family grow, and as a Rebel act in a way that makes others

understand the family way of the Rebel’s passion for family fun.


 For those that understand, there is no need to explain, for those that don't  understand, then no words or explanation is possible

‘Happy Days’

The Animal N

Vice Prez – Rebel Vanners Europe